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Totally Health is the leading provider of Clinical Health Coaching services. Our services put individuals at the centre of the decision making about their own care, enabling them to have more control over their condition.

Totally Health has been providing Health Coaching services to the NHS and other large organisations since 2012. We are working with organisations such as NHS England, British Lung Foundation, DESMOND, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), NHS Community and Acute Trusts.

Totally Health was announced as the Winner of the 2016 General Practice Awards Clinical Team of the Year: Diabetes and Runners Up in the 2016 General Practice Awards Clinical Team of the Year: Long Term Conditions.  We also were given a Special Commendation for Pathway Innovators of the Year 2016 by the National Association of Primary Care.

We help individuals make positive changes in their lives, to address health problems including Long Term Health Conditions.  We provide bespoke solutions to promote health and wellbeing by driving innovation and empowering individuals to self-care.

We know that people with medical conditions are often overwhelmed with their situation.  Our approach is to use telephone based Clinical Health Coaching to engage individuals to make changes to behaviours that promote wellbeing and independence.  As people’s ability to self-manage their health increases, their risk of chronic disease will reduce and so too will their need for unscheduled NHS use and time off work.

Our solution creates empowered individuals who have an understanding of, and ability to be more in control of, their own condition, rather than seeing it as dealing with an illness.  The individuals we work with become skilled in shared decision making, taking into account what matters to them, increasing their self-management skill level and having a better engagement with healthcare resources.

  • Health Coaching services delivered to targeted cohorts of individuals. Embedding clinical health coaching into the primary care pathways for individuals diagnosed with a chronic condition to receive whole-person coaching which doesn’t focus on disease but rather on the patient and wellness.
  • Each patient is assigned a dedicated clinical health coach for the full coaching period and offered tailored one-on-one coaching, which enables them to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become active participants in their own healthcare, reducing their reliance on emergency health services and time off work.
  • Telephonic coaching, provides a flexibility with appointments, at times convenient to each individual and removes the need for transport or take time away from work.
  • There are No limit on the number of calls with the health coach, allowing the coaches to work at the pace of each individual, resulting in a totally bespoke service.
  • Totally Health provided a dedicated clinical case manager that had oversight of the referral pathway into the clinical health coaching service and contribute to the engagement with and recruitment of the individuals.
  • This service shares information with the registered GP to ensure a knowledgeable crisis response service when required.

Clinical health coaching works alongside existing healthcare and occupational health pathways and is a proactive rather than reactive service that aims to help individuals stay one step ahead of a crisis and teach them how to respond before an emergency arises.  Our nurses coach holistically to promote a healthier lifestyle, a better state of wellness and ultimately a better quality of life, creating health and wellbeing through true health understanding.

Successful Results

Since our Health Coaching services launched, we have delivered over 35,000 coaching sessions with the following results:

  • 100% of patients felt more confident about being able to manage their condition
  • 96% of patients felt motivated to make behavior changes e.g. smoking cessation, more exercise
  • 72% average reduction in unplanned admissions to hospital
  • 72% average reduction in out of hours’ appointments
  • 59% average reduction in GP appointments

Totally Health is owned by Totally Plc, an AIM listed company that specialises in healthcare and out-of-hospital services.