Client Testimonials

Dr Durairaj Jawahar, GP and COPD clinical lead for the Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group:
“Our patients get the support of managing their own condition at home. We know patients are happier and recover quicker when their care is managed at home. We are really pleased that the scheme is working and the project has enabled patients to avoid an admission.”

Professor Azhar Farooqi, GP and chair for the Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group:
“The success of this new system is fantastic news for patients. We fully support innovation and working with service providers outside of the NHS to help us deliver the enormity of the long term conditions agenda.”

Rachel Braithwaite, Respiratory Nurse for Leicestershire Partnership Trust:
“We monitor readings from our patients each day and can pick up when they are feeling unwell. It means we can start them on medication if necessary whereas in the past they might have ended up in hospital. We have worked closely in partnership with the Clinical Health Coaches and this partnership approach around the patient has shown over the year that it has helped to reduce hospital admissions, especially during the winter when there are more chest infections around.”

Graeme Earl, Business Management Officer and Commissioner at Hartlepool & Stockton on Tees CCG comments, “Supporting patients to self-manage is one of the most effective ways to create efficiencies within the NHS. Identifying the right patients is the first step to successful outcomes, alongside engaging the primary care team in the clinical health coaching programme to ensure that patients see it as a cohesive service.  While we recognise that the patient numbers were small, Totally Health’s programme of clinical health coaching has the potential to deliver impressive results for patients, helping to improve interaction with available health services and reduce the reliance on urgent healthcare services.”

Dr Simon Rudland, GP at Stowhealth
“We should buy into Health coaching because it is likely to yield empowered patients who are going to be using NHS services more effectively at the right time in the right way which is good for those patients and its going to be good for the NHS.”