Totally Health Clinical Health Coaching programme starts in Southampton

In June, we announced that Dr Sue Robinson had won our competition at the NHS Confederation Conference to receive a bespoke clinical health coaching programme for patients within her Southampton CCG.

Today we’re delighted to announce that the 9-month programme is about to begin and will include 10 patients diagnosed with a long term condition within Southampton. The Totally Health Clinical Health Coaching programme will be linked to the current Southampton Better Care Integrated programme.

Clinical Health Coaching is a tailored approach, delivered by experienced clinicians and designed to empower patients to pro-actively manage their diagnosed long term health conditions. The Totally Health model is proven to complement and support existing health care pathways, making it a perfect partnership with Southampton’s Better Care. It delivers lasting changes for patients, more effective condition management, better compliance with treatment, and an improved interaction with available health services.

Dr Robinson commented: “I am really delighted to be selected as the winner of Totally Health’s competition and to have the opportunity to trial Clinical Health Coaching with patients within Southampton CCG. We are very much looking forward to trialling the approach, which happens to fit very well with the care planning and person centred approach we are currently using in Southampton. We are interested and excited to see the outcomes and results of this initial trial and to have evidence of the benefits that Clinical Health Coaching could provide us with.”

We look forward to sharing successful results in the future.