Our clinical health coaching service will guide you in coming to terms with and adapting to your new diagnosis of arthritis.

There are different types of arthritis and your diagnosis can be a confusing and challenging time. Perhaps tasks that you took for granted are difficult due to pain and discomfort. You may have received advice and treatment suggestions that sound complicated.

My Clinical Coach will empower you with a greater understanding of your arthritis and our nurses will help guide your decision making regarding medication, lifestyle and other treatment options.

Working with a professional and dedicated nurse, we will help you build the new diagnosis into your life so that it becomes just another part of your daily life, rather than something that dominates it.

Totally Health supports you by:

  • Offering information and advice about your diagnosis
  • Advice on the daily management of arthritis
  • Removing any confusion about dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Exploring your medication regime and how and why your medications are helpful
  • Helping you understand that small changes in your lifestyle can have an impact on arthritis
  • Assisting you to identify and access the appropriate support networks
  • Easing the emotional and psychological impact of your diagnosis
  • Empowering you to take responsibility for managing your own condition

Totally Health will help guide you back onto the pathway of success, health and happiness. You deserve to enjoy the freedoms that life has to offer and together we’ll make sure that you can.

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