Coronary Heart Disease

Our Health Coaches, all highly trained and experienced nurses will empower you with a greater understanding of your coronary heart disease symptoms (angina). We offer you guidance (at a time that suits you) on your decision making around medication, lifestyle changes and other treatment options. So that you can take control of your condition.

We understand the challenges and limitations that are caused by a coronary heart disease and the enormous impact of the diagnosis on your life.

You may have been advised to make some really big lifestyle changes – giving up smoking, dieting, exercising, taking new medications etc. and suddenly you have lots of appointments for tests and procedures that you have never heard of.

We have a team of dedicated and professional health coaches, these nurses have the time and experience to explain all these new things to you and support you with making positive changes to your life.

In order that that you learn to life with your condition, rather than it controlling you.
At Totally Health our aim is to support you by:

  • Offering information and advice about your heart disease diagnosis
  • Supporting you with the daily management of heart disease
  • Exploring your medication regime and identifying how and why your medications are helpful
  • Helping you understand that small changes in your lifestyle can have a big impact on heart disease
  • Helping you to identify and access the appropriate support networks
  • Easing the emotional and psychological impact of your diagnosis
  • Empowering and supporting you to take responsibility for managing your own condition

Your needs are different to the next person’s and we personally tailor our support to you so you can make positive changes to your everyday life and gain control, rather than your condition controlling you.

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