Health & Lifestyle Management

There are many factors that are known to impact our overall health and wellbeing, and sometimes it feels like the world has set out to make it difficult for you to make the right health & lifestyle decisions.

Here at Totally Health Our Health Coaches are all NHS trained nurses with a minimum of 5 years’ experience. They all have specialist training in health coaching, shared decision making, and are expert at supporting you to achieve results through willpower, commitment and time.

We support a wide ranging of health & lifestyle related issues such as:

✔ Stress ✔ Physical activity and nutrition
✔ Weight management ✔ Injury
✔ Depression and anxiety ✔ Smoking

They truly understand the impact it has on everyday life – physically, socially and emotionally.

Our Health Coaches are experts at coaching patients through the challenges, and will help you to better understand your medications, know what you can and can’t do, and explore with you much more than just the medical aspects.

They will help you to understand and overcome your anxieties and the barriers to you living a fuller life, and through holistic, personal and thorough coaching they’ll help you to become confident and skilled at managing your health & wellbeing, so that it becomes just a part of your everyday life, rather than something which dominates it.

We’ll explore with you, for example, how good nutrition, relaxation and exercise all influence your health and we’ll encourage you to create positive lifestyle changes that will result in more energy, increased confidence and overall improvements in your physical and mental health.