Case Studies

Parker Drive Practice & Manor Medical Centre, Leicester City, trial Clinical Health Coaching to empower patients and bring transformation of care

A large GP practice spread over 2 geographical locations with different demographic populations commissioned a Clinical Health Coaching service from Totally Health to patients registered with Parker Drive GP practice and their branch practice Manor Medical Centre. The practice is within the Leicester City CCG and the lead partner within the practice is chair of the Millennium GP Federation in Leicester.

“Totally Health’s clinical health coaching has given us some great results for our patients, including increasing patient satisfaction, confdence, motivation and compliance, as well as having a positive impact on the practice by improving interaction with available health services and reducing the time and cost impact on resources. We’re especially pleased to see the improvement in HbA1C and increase in the amount of Rescue Pack Prescriptions. This highlights for us a much greater understanding and willingness from patients to commit to and progress with their self-management.”

Dawn Denison, Clinical Programme Analyst

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Hartlepool & Stockton on Tees CCG: The Empowered Patient Means Transformation of Care Leicester City CCG

Hartlepool and Stockton on Tees CCG commissioned a Clinical Health Coaching service from Totally Health, which launched in 2014 to patients registered with a CCG GP. A total of 7 practices in Hartlepool signed up to the service.

“There is increasing recognition that when healthcare is designed to empower selfmanagement, people with long term conditions play a more active role in managing their own health. Totally Health’s programme of clinical health coaching delivered some impressive results for our patients, helping to improve interaction with health services and reduce the time and cost impact.”

NHS Commissioner

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Leicester City CCG Commissions Project Demonstrating Benefits of Clinical Coaching and Telehealth in Reducing COPD Hospital Admissions

Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group sought to improve the management of patients with COPD. The aim was to evaluate the scale of impact of a combined intervention using telehealth (Clinitouch system) in parallel with clinical health coaching and specialist nurse interventions. This was triggered by biometric data from a redesigned service for patients with COPD. Eligible patients had a history of two or more prior unscheduled COPD admissions in the previous 12 months.

“The success of this new system is fantastic news for patients. We fully support innovation and working with service providers outside of the NHS to help us deliver the enormity of the long term conditions agenda.”

Professor Azhar Farooqi, GP and chair for the Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Groups

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