Patient Stories

Clinical Health Coaching for Long Term Condition Management: COPD – Story 1

William suffers with COPD, he was diagnosed in 2006 he also suffers with Atrial Fibrillation and Peripheral Vascular Disease both diagnosed in 2014.

His Atrial Fibillation is currently under control due to medication therapy and his Peripheral Vascular disease symptoms don’t bother him hugely.

On commencing the LTC Management programme William had 7 chest infections and 5 hospital admissions in the previous 12 months.

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Clinical Health Coaching for Long Term Condition Management: COPD – Story 2

62 year old gentleman, Robert, has had a diagnosis of COPD for four years which requires oxygen. He also has a stoma and is overweight. Due to the COPD and stoma he had lost confidence and was reluctant to go out far. As a result he had not been able to carry out his hobby of fishing which he missed very much.

The initial call with his personal clinical health coach, in December 2012 highlighted that no exercise and an unhealthy diet were contributing to his obesity. Initially Robert was very reluctant to engage with any behaviour change/goal setting such as exercise and diet modification.

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Clinical Health coaching for Long Term Condition Management: COPD – Story 3

Barbara is a 62 year old lady who has suffered with COPD for 15 years; she also suffers with complex partial seizures, cerebral aneurysms and Addison’s disease. On referral into the programme she could manage to walk about 25 metres, she was a current smoker, BMI of 25.1 just over the healthy range, she had five admissions and frequent chest infection in the twelve months leading up to her referral to us.

Barbara was diagnosed with partial complex seizures in the last year and unfortunately when she gets a chest infection this exasperates the seizures. Barbara has struggled with this and at times has been very low in mood, during the calls emotional support has proven very beneficial for Barbara as she admitted that she could tell me things that she was unable to say to family and friends.

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Clinical Health Coaching for Long Term Condition Management: Diabetes – Story 1

Irene is 71 years old and suffers with Diabetes Type 2 and has done for over 10 years. She is currently using Insulin and Metformin to help control her Diabetes. She has numerous other health problems including Hypertension, Asthma, Arthritis and a Hiatus Hernia, which are all managed via various medicines.

Irene lives alone and babysits for her grandchildren 2 days a week, residing at her children’s homes while she is doing this. She doesn’t smoke and tries to exercise when possible, taking the children to the park and attending to her garden.

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