Dechox in February



This February the British Heart Foundation (BHF) is hosting a nationwide Dechox. They are challenging anyone who wants to participate to a month without chocolate. This means avoiding all forms of chocolatey treats – from sprinkles on your cappuccino, hot chocolate right through to chocolate breakfast cereals and chocolate bars.


You can choose to participate for any one or all of three very good reasons:

  • To raise much needed funds for the BHF and the crucial research into heart and circulatory diseases that it champions.
  • Your own health- by cutting down on chocolate and sugar your own health will benefit and you may even find it easier than you think!
  • For the challenge- the year is still young and kicking off those new year’s resolutions with a successful challenge may be just the thing you need to keep at those healthy habits with gusto.


We’ve also put together a few pointers to successfully see you through your Dechox mission…should you choose to accept it:

  • If you are partaking to raise money for the BHF they are providing free fundraising tools as well as offering rewards for funds raised.
  • Get it out of the house! Go through your cupboards and pack all those chocolatey treats and foods into a box and give them to a friend or family member to keep at their house until you have finished your challenge. This is an easy way to clear all the chocolate at once before you start and secondly you are not throwing anything out.
  • Don’t have chocolate in the house: Decide to stop buying chocolate. This way you don’t have to go through numerous little daily decisions to not eat them at home and what’s not in your cupboard can’t tempt you.
  • Prepare for those cravings by always having some chocolate free snacks to hand like fresh fruit, nuts, popcorn or yoghurt.
  • Set yourself manageable healthy alternatives to chocolate i.e. if you would normally have an afternoon chocolate bar –have a glass of water or skinny latte or go for a short walk instead to clear away cobwebs.


If you or a group of your friends would like to take on the Dechox challenge you can make it official by clicking here to sign up with the BHF. Good luck!



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