General Practice Awards: Winners of Clinical Team of the Year – Diabetes

Totally Health is delighted to announce that their Clinical Health Coaching programme, in partnership with Parker Drive Practice & Manor Medical Centre, Leicester City, has won “Clinical Team of the Year: Diabetes” at last night’s General Practice Awards.

The prestigious award is national recognition for the role Totally Health and its NHS partners play in improving the lives of people with long term conditions across the country.

The project was designed and implemented by Totally Health in to the Leicester practices, who have a combined registered population of 15,365 spread over 2 geographical locations with different demographic populations. The project was designed for individuals diagnosed long term conditions and were high users of healthcare resources. A total 83% of the registered patients were on one or more Long Term Condition registers.

In the first 9 months, the programme has shown dramatic results in clinical improvements in patient care, quality improvements and activity reduction for the NHS.  The first set of results from the project, which launched in September 2015, were impressive with an evaluation of the GP practice showing a 100% reduction in attendances at A & E, an 80% reduction in Home Visits and a 57% reduction in attendances at Out of Hours.

The project deployed Clinical Health Coaching, which is a tailored approach, delivered by experienced clinicians and designed to empower patients to pro-actively manage their diagnosed conditions.  It delivered lasting changes for patients, more effective condition management, better compliance with treatment, and an improved interaction with available health services.

Emma Jane Roberts, Chief Operating Officer at Totally Health adds, “Our Clinical Health Coaching services aim to help individuals make positive changes in their lives, which address long term health conditions and wider wellness issues. The vision for this project was to put individuals at the centre of the decision making about their own care, enabling them to have more control over their condition.  The service empowered individuals to understand their condition and improve their health and wellbeing.  This lead to improved health literacy, confidence and independence.”

Lead GP at Manor Medical Practice in Leicester, Dr Jawahar expands, “The evaluation report clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of clinical health coaching. It enables patients with long term conditions to be a major partner in managing their condition very effectively and helps the NHS to achieve valuable healthcare outcomes.”


The aims of the GP Practice were to provide additional support for their patients with these chronic diseases, reduce number of Out of Hours and A&E attendances and reduce the number of unplanned hospitals admissions.  Overall results included a:

  • 50% reduction in unplanned admissions
  • 47% reduction in secondary care out-patient appointments
  • 39% reduction in contacts with all health professionals in local services
  • 30% reduction in GP/Practice Nurse appointments
  • 22% reduction in community healthcare appointments

Ensuring patients that patients were better educated about their condition and had a greater insight into the access to specialist medical support was a key part of the work and patient improvements from the project included 95% of patients showed an improvement in latest HbA1C results.



For further information, contact Caroline Beswick or Lois Spall at Trinity PR on 020 7 112 4905 / 0770 948 7960 or email

Notes to Editors:

Totally Health provides an innovative model of medically driven, and personalised Clinical Health Coaching to help support patients with long term health conditions, improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. The service delivers sustainable behavioural changes enabling patients to be educated and confident to self-manage their conditions. This in turn aids long term behavioural change and reduces healthcare reliance, re-admissions and emergency admissions. Totally Health provides the leading Clinical Health Coaching service in England to NHS patients via a number of programmes commissioned by CCGs, using a model that is proven to complement and support existing health care pathways.

Totally Health is a subsidiary of Totally Plc.

Totally Plc is listed on London’s Alternative Investment Market (ticker “TLY”).  Totally Plc is addressing some of the biggest challenges our country faces in terms of healthcare and the growing demands facing our NHS.

As the population of the UK increases, with people living longer as well as the growth in the number of people living with a Long Term Condition, the demand for high quality, accessible health care services increases. The UK market for NHS outsourced services of this kind is £20 billion.

It is their aim to become the leading provider of out of hospital care and Clinical Health Coaching Services in the UK. These are services that support people to manage their own health better to avoid reliance on urgent GP and hospital services and to support the NHS to meet its targets by providing the highest quality out of hospital care.