How can you deal with stress?

Avoiding stress

Stress is a part of life, and you can’t always avoid it. But you can try to avoid situations that can cause it, and you can control how you respond to it. The first step is tracking your stress to record stressful events, your response to them, and how you coped.

After you know what is causing your stress, try making some changes in your life that will help you avoid stressful situations. Here are a few ideas:

  • Learn how to best manage your time.
    Time management is a way to find the time for more of the things you want and need to do. It helps you decide which things are urgent and which can wait. Managing your time can make your life easier, less stressful, and more meaningful.
  • Find better ways to cope.
    Look at how you have been dealing with stress. Be honest about what works and what does not. Think about other things that might work better.
  • Look at your lifestyle.
    The choices you make about the way you live affect your stress level. Your lifestyle may not cause stress on its own, but it can prevent your body from recovering from it. Try to:

Find a balance.

Establish a balance between personal, work, and family needs. This isn’t easy. Start by looking at how you spend your time. Maybe there are things that you don’t need to do at all. Finding a balance can be especially hard during the holidays.

Have a sense of purpose.

Many people find meaning through connections with family or friends, jobs, their spirituality, or volunteer work.

Get enough sleep.

Your body recovers from the stresses of the day while you sleep. If your worries keep you from sleeping, keep a notepad or your mobile phone by your bed to record what you are worried about. Doing this can help you let it go while you sleep. For example, if you are worried you might forget to run an errand the next day, make a note so that you can stop worrying about forgetting.

Adopt healthy habits.

Eat a healthy diet, limit how much alcohol you drink, and don’t smoke. Staying healthy is your best defence against stress.


Even moderate exercise, such as taking a daily walk, can reduce stress.

  • Get support.
    Support in your life from family, friends, and your community has a big impact on how you experience stress. Having support in your life can help you stay healthy.
  • Try out new ways of thinking.
    When you find yourself starting to worry, try to stop the thoughts. Or write down your worries, and work on letting go of things you cannot change. Learn to say “no.”

It can be hard to manage your stress. It’s normal to feel sad or angry. At totally Health, we want to help people feel more motivated, confident and in control of managing their own health, so they can make changes that help them feel better.

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