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MyClinicalCoach™ is a nurse-led health-coaching programme designed for patients who cannot access our services through their local NHS, or who wish to enrol with us directly.

It is designed for people with long term medical conditions (such as diabetes, chronic lung or heart disease, or a combination of conditions).  At MyClinicalCoach™ we understand the challenges and limitations that are caused by living with a chronic medical condition. Our expert nurse coaches have a wealth of clinical experience and know how to provide you with the education, support and motivation you need in order to grow with your condition.

Our person-centred approach to clinical health coaching will empower you into a greater understanding of your condition and we can help guide your decisions about medication, lifestyle and other treatment options.  Our nurses will work with you to establish what’s right for you and together we can explore the most up to date and evidence-based recommendations that we know can make a really big difference to the quality of your life.  We can help you find activities that are enjoyable and we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Our patient feedback consistently tells us that the practical and emotional support we provide is invaluable and we will be there with you at every step of your journey towards better health.

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