Clinical Health Coaching is a personal and confidential service where a registered, experienced and qualified nurse provides one-to-one coaching (via telephone) to an individual diagnosed with at least one long term medical condition.

Our coaches empower patients to understand their condition and improve their health and wellbeing. This results in improved health literacy, confidence and independence, and a decrease in time off from work for our clients.

Totally Health offers Clinical Health Coaching via a number of channels:


We work with numerous CCGs, GP surgeries and Foundation Trusts to provide clinical health coaching services to NHS patients.  We have a range of services, click here for more information.

For Individuals

MyClinicalCoach™ is a nurse-led health-coaching programme designed for patients who cannot access our services through their local NHS, or who wish to enrol with us directly.

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For Businesses

Workwell is our Clinical health coaching programme for employers, wanting to provide a personal and confidential healthcare service for their employees.

WorkWell supports your employees to improve their health, understand health conditions and what they can do to prevent illness or exacerbations from existing conditions. They will know what to do when and avoid time away from work.

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