Hospital discharge support


Discharging a patient from hospital can be a complex process. Healthcare providers need to ensure post-discharge care, which often requires co-ordination with the patient, primary carers, families, as well as, multi-disciplinary healthcare services. At the heart of effective planning for post-discharge care, is ensuring that the patient fully understands the transition and how they can improve self-care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as hospital discharge can be a very confusing time for patients and sometimes results in re-admission within days of their discharge, as well as, a delayed recovery period.

Avoidable re-admissions (often those arising as a result of patients deviating from their care plan) is a common occurrence and has a significant economic impact on the NHS. Length of stay is also generally longer for re-admissions versus the original hospital stay. Deviation from the care plan is primarily down to the patient’s inability to self-manage, a direct outcome of this complex transition.

Through effectively ensuring patients understand they have the necessary support and care at home, hospitals can reduce unnecessary lengthy hospital stays. Providing Hospital Discharge Support, in the form of coaching during this transition period provides the support these patients need in order to be able to better self-manage post-discharge. Coaches will also be able to educate the patient about their condition in light of their own circumstances.

Clinical Health Coaches at Totally Health have the necessary experience to understand the patient’s confusion and ensure the coaching and support process is done at a pace and pitch that is appropriate to the individual patient. This approach has proven to be highly effective in empowering patients to better self-manage, thereby reducing avoidable re-admissions.

If you are looking for a solution that really works to prevent people who have just been discharged getting into difficulties in the community or having to go back into hospital.

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