Patient Decision Aids for Shared Decision Making

Patient Decision Aids Totally Health

Patient Decision Aids provide a single source of balanced, symptom information. These Decision Aids are designed for patients at the stage of care where the decisions and choices they make define their long-term care and overall health outcome. They provide a balanced view of all treatment options available, show the importance of medication adherence and emphasize the importance of attending appointments. Decision Aids have proven to be an effective means of empowering the patient.

Often, when a patient is diagnosed with a condition, their natural reaction is to try and learn more about their diagnosis and prognosis. At the same, they are usually presented with a range of treatment options. Such a wealth of information and choice can create confusion within the patient. In order for them to plan effectively with their healthcare provider, a better understanding of their condition, possible treatments, medication and the associated outcomes is necessary.

As well as the vast quantity available, some information is not necessarily applicable to each patient, and certainly not tailored to meet individual circumstances. This can result in a treatment unsuitable for the patient, with reduced emphasis on the importance of adhering to their medication regime and the need to attend scheduled appointments. This can lead to unnecessary unplanned care.

Alongside the Decision Support and Medications Adherence services, provided by Totally Health, Decision Aids have shown to improve patient satisfaction and reduce complications, whilst reducing the associated costs of care.

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