In the UK, we are seeing an increasing rise in health conditions, as a direct result of people leading unhealthy lifestyles. Often the impact of such lifestyles, and the resulting health conditions, is not only on the person, but affects their employers and families too. Diabetes, weight gain, smoking, depression are all linked to unhealthy lifestyles and the cost of treating these conditions is growing.

Sedentary jobs, due to the rise of technology, alongside a lack of awareness, and/or financial difficulty in affording a balanced, nutritious diet, have significantly contributed to the rise in conditions such as obesity and diabetes. These types of health conditions ultimately affect productivity, morale and can lead to a spiralling increase in the cost of healthcare.

Through coaching, people can be shown the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, and how the risk of developing a condition can be minimized. By increasing awareness of the various options available to people, even those with busy lifestyles or with financial concerns, the impact of developing certain life-changing conditions can be drastically reduced.

Our Clinic Health Coaches are experienced professionals who are able to help people identify and understand the potential risks of leading certain lifestyles and can encourage people towards adjusting their lives to incorporate healthier behaviours. These changes will not only support the person’s long-term health but also diminish the risk of complications and adverse effects within a short period of time.

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