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We know that people seldom get through life without having to deal with some sort of health problem.

The WorkWell service can give your employees ways to cope with health issues that can have a negative impact on their attendance and/or job performance.

Our vision is to put your employees at the centre of their health and wellbeing, enabling them to have more control over their condition and what they can do to prevent on-going or acute illness from existing medical conditions. We do this through a telephone based Clinical Health Coaching service.

Clinical health coaching is a service to you as an employer through which your employees receive proactive support from an experienced nurse. This service provides one-toone coaching (via telephone) to an individual who has been identified as having issues at work because of their medical condition.

The coaching service can reduce management and HR time dealing with health problems that are causing absenteeism or performance problems. The WorkWell service enhances existing processes and our discharge reports can be submitted into your business systems.

How does Health Coaching work?

Get started online or give us a call to be assigned to your Health Coach
Start your introductory call with your own dedicated Health Coach
Agree on your objectives and start your tailored Health Coaching journey
Start feeling better and more confident about managing your condition and health


Benefits to the Employer

Benefits to the Employee

✔ Reduce absenteeism ✔ 9am-9pm access to their personal nurse
✔ Reduce return to work time ✔ Confidential clinical service
✔ Reduce management and HR time dealing with health problems that are causing absenteeism or performance problems ✔ Can call as often as needed
✔ Enhances the Occupational Health service and discharge reports can be submitted into an HR or Occupational Health system ✔ Independent support and advice to help employees function better at work
✔ Increases employee performance and motivation ✔ Provide strategies for managing health problems that can affect their work
✔ Employee has access to a nurse that can help the employee remedy potentially debilitating problems ✔ Offer a range of options for dealing with health problemsCan address health problems in employees own time
✔ Increase staff morale ✔ Can address health problems in employees own time
✔ Employees do not need time off to travel to the service because it is a telephone based service and can be accessed from any location ✔ Professional expertise available over the phone when the employees need them. No appointment necessary
✔ Employees can call as often as needed at no additional cost
✔ Reduce health insurance costs through decreased use
✔ Overall cost and time savings for the business

Why are we different to Occupational Health and Employee Assistant Programmes?

✔ We are about maintaining your employees’ health ✔ We work in parallel with your occupational health teams and help the employee implement the plan recommended
✔ We are about identifying solutions and getting the employee to engage with making the necessary changes and we stay with the employee to deliver what they and your business need ✔ Our trained nurses provide behaviour change techniques to support your employee make the necessary changes to their health and lifestyle to improve their performance
✔ We offer a longer-term solution to support your employee with long term medical conditions, e.g. diabetes, respiratory problems, back pain, heart problems, arthritis, smoking cessation, weight management ✔ We focus on the person, to get them functioning optimally

Health Coaching in numbers


Reduction in time taken off to visit GP


Improvement in control
of diabetes


Improvement in confidence


Feel more motivated to
maintain a healthier lifestyle


Feel more knowledgeable
about their condition


Would recommend us to
friends and family


Improvement in control of
respiratory health

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