Time to Talk Day



Statistics show that 1 in 4 of us are affected by mental health problems, however, there remains the stigma around talking about our mental health. There is also evidence that people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless.

Time to Talk Day takes place on the 7th of February and sets to break down the barriers of this and get us all talking about our mental health in order to promote positive health and wellbeing.

Starting a conversation about mental health: Let’s get talking!! You don’t have to be an expert:

1. Ask open questions-this allows for more details to be given and therefore more time to explore what the other person is experiencing. Listen keenly and reflect on their thoughts and emotions to add value to your conversation.

2. Embrace the power of talking and listening- Provide that platform for the person to talk through their experiences and avoid offering solutions as there is great power in just talking things through, hence unless directly asked for advice, it is best just to listen.

3. Respect their timing. Appreciate that it may not be the right time to fully explore their issues and that there may be some difficulty in getting the information readily, however identify that this may however start the conversation therefore making it easier for them to vent on another occasion that is suitable for them.

4. Utilise other agencies for support in managing your mental health-You may also find it helpful to speak to your GP, other health professionals or close friends and family. Further support can be gained from talking therapies, counselling, self management techniques or cognitive behavioural therapy.

Let us all just take time to be open and honest about our mental health and make a difference in challenging the mental health stigma whether we are at home, within our workplace, or school and get the community talking about mental health.

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